360 Cities and my panoramas

As a 360 panorama photographer I get a lot of questions concerning how to shoot, make and edit these images. I travel around teaching these techniques to other photographers, media houses, schools etc.

But where and how to use them? 360cities.net is the web’s largest collection of interactive panoramic photos. Every panorama is geo-referenced, tagged and if you choose so, embedded to Google Earth.

I rarely write in English, but the service I’m writing about is in English, so it makes sense to do it this time like this. Sorry for all you Finns, but maybe you understand my writing.

Because I am a lazy writer, here is 360cities.net in a nutshell

I just got the MAESTRO badge in my profile and I’m very proud of it! And, as Bruce Pales at 360cities says: MAESTRO badge is only for a very few of our best photographers based on the awesome panos they upload. And there are thousands of photographers at 360cities.net.

360cities Profile

360cities is not only for presenting your work to the world. It is also a good chance to earn money. Offering your panoramas for licensing means that you have more opportunities to earn money with your images. 360cities also gives you the opportunity to offer embedded panoramas to clients’ websites, so a  server of your own is not required.

360cities will show the ads next to your panoramas but you can keep the revenue, so this is also a good chance to earn something extra.

There is also an app for exploring and making 360 panoramas. What is great about it, is the use of the motion sensor of the device, so you can just look at the screen and wonder around 🙂 Have fun!